On the following pages you can learn about Video Interaction GuidanceTM, how it works and how effective it is.

There is information about AVIGuk, the organisation that regulates standards in the quality of video interaction guidance in the UK.

Information is provided about how to get started with an introductory training course and our directory can be used to contact members of the association close to you who have been accredited to provide training.

You can learn about the variety of uses to which VIG can be put, but first, take a look at a film produced by Kent Educational Psychology Service which describes its use as a tool for family work. 

VIG in a nutshell

VIG in a nutshell

Training in VIG


You can read about the training process.


The first step is an Introductory training course.

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Upcoming courses



Research on VIG has been gradually increasing since its inception.  Reviews of this research have informed decisions by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to recommend VIG in three separate guidelines.

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AVIGuk is affiliated to an open-access e-journal called "Attuned Interactions".  

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Attuned Interactions

Knowledge base

The association is developing a knowledge base about VIG on a wiki.

It contains a repository of papers, articles etc.  Material may be freely downloaded.

knowledge base

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