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Association for Video Interaction Guidance UK

This is the place to find out about Video Interaction Guidance.  On the pages of this website you can find out about how it works and how effective it is.  You can find VIG practitioners and also find out how to get started training to become a practitioner in VIG.  Use the tiles below to find what you need.

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Thursday 13 June 2024
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What is VIG?

Find out about how VIG works, and how VIG is used

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Why VIG?

Read about the evidence for VIG's effectiveness.

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VIG for parents and carers

How can VIG help me?

What happens in VIG?

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Finding a VIG practitioner

Directory of independent VIG practitioners


Training in VIG

VIG training requirements, costs, and how to get started training

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Commissioning VIG

How to commission VIG therapeutic work for your service users, and training for your staff

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Find out more about AVIGuk events and our 2024 International Conference.

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About AVIGuk

Who we are and what we do

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