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Penny Forsyth

Penny Forsyth

Penny Forsyth has over 20 years experience as a Supervisor in Video Interaction Guidance(VIG) and Video Enhanced Reflective Practice(VERP)*. Her experience as an Educational Psychologist and free lancer has included:
* the development of a local authority VIG network
* VIG projects
* training and supervision with a range of other agencies (e.g. Social Work,
Health, NSPCC) age groups and additional support needs
* international work.

She is therefore able to offer supervision from Trainee Practitioner to Supervisor
and the delivery of Projects.

* VERP provides a Continuing Professional Development course looking at an individual's interaction in their workplace. It can be delivered individually or within groups.

These services are offered online or face to face within commuter distance of Fife.

Charges available on request.

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