Code of conduct, ethical practice and privileges for AVIGuk subscribers

It is anticipated that some members of AVIGuk also belong to a professional body and will abide by the standards of conduct, performance and ethics of their profession.  The following standards and ethical codes apply to their additional training and practice of VIG within their membership of AVIGuk.

All subscribers and members

Uphold and represent the Values and Beliefs of Video Interaction Guidance


  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Providing hope
  • Compassion
  • Co-operation
  • Appreciation
  • Connections
  • Empathy


  • Everybody is doing the best they can at the time
  • All people, even in adverse situations, have the capacity to change
  • People have an innate desire to connect with others
  • People must be actively involved in their own change process
  • Affirmation and appreciation of strengths is the key to supporting change.
  • Recognition and empathetic regard for what people are managing builds trust.

Seek adequate consent

Ensure that all data including media, is protected according to the requirements of your organisation and your professional code of practice.

  1. Suitable consent should be obtained before filming to explain the purpose of VIG, how media will be safely stored, and with whom it will be shared (i.e. during supervision with an AVIGuk registered supervisor, during intervision with other AVIGuk trainee practitioners).  Consent forms should be adapted and agreed with the employing organization.
  2. Separate consent should be sought if media is to be shared at training events or presentations.


  1. Access to the Association’s online resource
  2. To use, without further charge, the electronic resources of the Association to develop your own practice and to further the *Objectives of the Association
  3. To produce materials connected to AVIGuk activities or events; or based on AVIGuk materials on condition that such materials carry the AVIGuk collective mark and conform to the regulations for the use of the mark.
  4. If in private practice, to use the AVIGuk training materials and the resources of the Association. The AVIGuk logo must be displayed on all relevant literature and on any materials advertised on a private website with due acknowledgement of any training or supervision being AVIGuk accredited.

  5. Members are permitted to use ideas and approaches based on VIG to advertise and deliver training experiences which are relevant to different audiences. They may use their knowledge to produce non-VIG material suitable for the audience. AVIGuk ownership and copyright should be conveyed to the recipients. They may also refer to AVIGuk material which is in the public domain, such as the material in the books edited by AVIGuk members and endorsed by the board. Material published by AVIGuk may be communicated to the audience provided reference to AVIGuk copyright is made.

  6. As far as making copies of material is concerned, there are publishers' rules against making multiple copies of pages from books and we would expect members to respect those rules.  This rule also applies to any material published by AVIGuk and carrying the logo.  Making logo-free copies would also be a breach.  The word 'copying' applies to making paper copies and to onward transmission electronically.

All Subscribers to AVIGuk should:

  1. Ensure that you have attended an Initial Training Course run by AVIGuk accredited Advanced supervisor and trainee supervisors.
  2. Provide an email address registered with the Association, for the purposes of communication by the Association and ensure that your organisation accepts emails from the Association.
  3. Update your personal information in your profile of the membership website and tick the box to state that you have read and understood your rights and obligations that are set out in this code of conduct.
  4. Take precautions to protect the Intellectual Property of the Association, principally the training materials, logos and other marks, from unauthorised use.
  5. Report to any Director of the Association,
    1. any instances of unauthorised use of  Association property or
    2. material which misleads or misrepresents the method Video Interaction Guidance and/or Video Enhanced Reflective Practice
  6. Ensure that you are receiving adequate supervision from an AVIGuk registered supervisor according to the guidelines within you logbooks.
  7. Use the current versions of the AVIGuk materials, keeping abreast of any updates on the website.
  8. Keep accurate records of your VIG work.
  9. Ensure that you adhering to the guidelines of at least minimum standards stated in your logbook.
  10. Pay promptly the subscription fee that is levied to meet the costs of the Association.
  11. Ensure that your VIG practice is insured either through your own organisation or through private indemnity if you are working freelance.

Supervisors and Trainee Supervisors

In addition to the above:

To be aware of their current supervisor status as defined in the progression document and only perform training and transition- accreditation activities specified for that level.

Provide the registrar of the Association with the details of participants who have attended an initial training course.

Become voting members of the “Association for Video Interaction Guidance UK”, a charitable organization, limited by guarantee, and to accept the liability (not exceeding £10) in the event of dissolution of the company.

What to do if you are concerned or there has been a complaint.

If you have a concern that a member of AVIGuk is not upholding the values and beliefs of AVIGuk, or acting in a way that is seen to be detrimental to AVIGuk.

Seek to discuss or resolve this through personal contact with the individual themselves.

If you are still concerned, email one of the Directors and agree the best course of action together.

AVIGuk is the collective trade mark of the Association for Video Interaction Guidance UK.  All rights reserved.
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