Video Interaction Guidance was first developed in the The Netherlands in the 1980's and since then its use in that country has become widespread. There are a variety of names given to the same method with differences arising in terminology, training methods and materials. However, they share the same core, that is to say the importance of intersubjectivity in the relationship between the parent and child and the same between client and practitioner.

The name Video Interaction Guidance and the frameworks for training and practice in the United Kingdom were based on the Dutch model and we call it VIGuk. They have been subject to some limited revision, mainly in providing more structure for the training and accreditation.

From its inception, VIGuk was an informal collection of supervisors with an informal leadership. The Association was set up in 2012 to provide more direction and leadership for VIGuk. It is an incorporated limited company and is registered as a charity.

All supervisors are members of the company and trustees of the charity. They elect a Board of Trustees who are responsible for the good management of the association.