The Association for Video Interaction Guidance UK (AVIGuk)

Statement of Purpose

The Association for Video Interaction Guidance UK (AVIGuk) works to promote the delivery and development of the evidence-based intervention method Video Interaction Guidance, as developed in the UK since 1995*. AVIGuk also works to ensure that ethical standards and competent practice are maintained by those who deliver Video Interaction Guidance in the UK.


The main objectives of AVIGuk are


·       To ensure that Video Interaction Guidance is provided to the public by practitioners who are fully qualified in the delivery of Video Interaction Guidance, who adhere to the AVIGuk Code of Ethics and who have maintained their competence as practitioners through ongoing Continuous Professional Development.

·       To ensure that the values and ethical standards of Video Interaction Guidance are understood and upheld in the work.

·      To ensure strong support to its members and to help all VIG supervisors communicate and share and develop best practice with other supervisors, VIG practitioners and with the trainee guiders that they supervise.

·      To promote the interests of Video Interaction Guidance practitioners and supervisors in the UK and to contribute insights from VIG to relevant bodies and working parties.

·       To promote and advance public awareness about Video Interaction Guidance and to disseminate research on its effectiveness.


The key activities of AVIGuk are


·   Development, publication and maintenance of consistent training standards and supervision processes to accredited Video Interaction Guidance practitioner and Video Interaction Guidance supervisor status within the UK.

·       Accreditation of Video Interaction Guidance practitioners and supervisors in the UK according to published standards.

·       Continual development and maintenance of rigorous Video Interaction Guidance accreditation criteria and procedures.

·       Maintenance and publication of a register of accredited Video Interaction Guidance practitioners and supervisors.

·    Development, maintenance and application of ethical standards and codes of practice that are protective of both client and practitioner.

·     Regular communication opportunities between members of the association including participation in regional or interest groups; peer supervision; a discussion area and formation of task-focused working groups.

·       Organisation of workshops, conferences, seminars or joint research activities.

·       Maintenance of an official Video Interaction Guidance website.

·       Promotion of member activities through publication on the website and intranet.

·       Publication of newsletters, articles, multimedia materials and books.

·     Provision of up to date information, training materials and research findings to all those involved in Video Interaction Guidance delivery and training.

·       Provision of information about Video Interaction Guidance to the general public and to official bodies.

·     Liaison with allied health, education, social care and other relevant professional bodies on policy and initiatives relating to the future of Video Interaction Guidance.

Membership of AVIGuk

All supervisors and trainee supervisors in Video Interaction Guidance in the UK are eligible for membership on payment of an annual membership fee.

Benefits of membership

·       Permission to deliver accredited and trademarked Video Interaction Guidance  training and supervision commensurate with their supervisor level.

·       Access to the key activities of AVIGuk.

·       The option to advertise information about themselves and their work on the association website.


(*As Video Interaction Guidance has spread around the world, the various national groupings have developed their own protocols.  When AVIGuk refers to ‘video interaction guidance’, we are referring to the protocols developed in the UK by members of AVIGuk.)

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