VIG past, present and future: a celebration

  • 12/01/2019
  • 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Newcastle University in London 102 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7EZ
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Hilary Kennedy


An Association of  Video Interaction Guidance Conference to Celebrate Hilary’s 70th Birthday

 VIG past, present and future: a celebration





Dr. Felicity de Zulueta


What VIG tells us about the human mind and why attunement is so important in healing the effects of adverse childhood events such as depression, trauma and even psychosis. 








We are born to interact with one another: there-in lies our emotional and creative fulfillment. However, we live in an individualistic based culture focused mainly on our cognitive abilities: what are the social and therapeutic consequences of this mismatch? 

The power of VIG lies in its use of moments of attunement captured on video to enable those of us who have lost that ability, to re-engage with their child or partner, a gift that is reinforced by the joy that it gives and the resulting strengthening of their social sense of self.

Helen Gibson


The Systemic Impact of Holding, Experiencing and Witnessing the AVIGuk Values and Beliefs





I will talk about the impact of these values and beliefs on my professional development as a practitioner (past) , the impact (now) of holding these as a supervisor and my hopes for how they can impact on the wider organisational systems (future).


David Gavine



Back to the Future








Should VIG aspire to the traditional "gold standard" evaluation methodology of the medical sciences?  Or is there a conflict between the values of these methods and the value base of VIG?  Does the answer lie in the past?


Jenny Jarvis


The Jedhi impact of VIG


How VIG has helped AVIGuk change and grow.  Complexity, messiness and transformation!  A real life experience of working within AVIGuk.  Drawing on personal experience of how the organization itself has managed complex issues and the change and growth of the organization.

Chloe Erlam



My VIG journey


I will share how VIG has impacted my personal and professional development over the last 10 years. I will talk about my perspective for the development of VIG in the future.



Moni Celebi

Through the Looking Glass

VIG in Action: Today and Tomorrow


VIG is transformative for clients and for practitioners. I will talk about these aspects of VIG practice and the potential VIG has to reach many more families and professionals.



Liz Todd

 Meeting our ideas and values in each other

 There would be something very wrong with a day celebrating VIG and what Hilary brings to the connections we each have with her and with VIG if we didn’t spend some time during this day connecting with each other. I will facilitate this session to give you opportunities to talk to people you know and those you don’t. I have not planned this fully yet so at the moment all I know is that we will be sharing stories from our VIG lives and reflecting on what made those stories important to us and imaging how VIG could be used in the future. As for anything else we end up doing - you can find out on the day!

Martin Carey