This page is for VIG practitioners and supervisors, providing updates about current AVIGuk activities in light of the unprecedented situation regarding Covid-19. Any decisions being made by the board of directors represent our best judgements in light of the information and evidence available and in order to reduce the risk to for ourselves and others.

Here is the latest document which is designed for VIG practitioners, supervisors and managers who wish to continue with VIG activities in the current situation

UPDATED July! AVIGuk Guidance for delivering VIG via video conferencing methods

AVIGuk Conference - The decision has been made to postpone the conference due to take place on 1st October 2020 in Blackpool to June 2021. It will still be in Blackpool. Anyone who has already booked a conference place will have their booking transferred. There will be further announcements about this once the exact date and venue have been confirmed. Anyone who has already booked a conference place will have their booking transferred.

Supervisors Event 2nd October 2020 - This will not proceed as planned in Blackpool and nearer the time there will further announcements about this event.

Other events advertised on the AVIGuk events pages - The organisers of these events will be making individual arrangements if the event can no longer proceed or alternative arrangements are being made. Please contact the event organiser for further information if you have not yet received any communications from them.

Supervision - Individual supervisors will be making their own arrangements about the best way to continue to do supervision with trainees in order that safe VIG practice can still be undertaken. Many people are experimenting with a number of online video platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and Microsoft Teams. There is a lively discussion on the supervisors forum about the many possibilities so please keep sharing your experiences.

- MS Teams support July 2020

- Zoom support available to members May 2020

VIG Practice - As the opportunity for face to face work with clients gets more difficult there is an increasing desire to try and find ways to continue to support families during this difficult and stressful time. Once again there are some discussions on the practitioner and supervisor forums about how VIG may be delivered remotely. Anyone who is trying out these new ideas should consider the following

  • Keep in mind the AVIGuk values and beliefs while making alternative arrangements
  • Share ideas with your supervisors, other practitioners and on the forum as this will enable checks and balances to be done through an appreciative enquiry approach
  • Consider whether what you are planning is still VIG
  • Ensure you are following the information governance and GDPR guidance to safeguard you and your clients.
  • Use creativity without losing the fidelity of VIG.

VIG initial training - Training across many organisations is being cancelled as it is seen as a non-essential activity at the moment. If people are still managing to deliver this in some form it would be useful for your to share this on the supervisors forum.

Staying connected - During this time of increased social isolation and distancing, it is important to keep contributing to the forums on the website and keeping in touch via phone, text, or other methods. There are so many great ways of staying connected and we can all be supporting one another during these unusual times.

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