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Monika Celebi
I Greater London
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I have been using VIG since 2009. My area of special interest is non verbal communication, early years, working with children on the edge of care and making VIG accessible and widely available, especially to families from disadvantaged background.
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I offer VIG interventions with parents, families and professionals. I accept referrals from family courts, local authorities, CAHMS! as well as self referrals.
Practitioner coverage
Greater London (West), Chiltern, Thames, Valley, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire
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National Supervisor
I provide Introductory Training, Midpoint Reviews, Accreditations, Advanced Practitioner Days, supervision, and training on how to use VIG with groups of parents and babies
Training/supervision coverage
Chiltern, Thames Valley, London, Oxfordshire
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